Dana Bay Veterinary Clinic

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Consulting Hours

Mondays - Fridays 08:00 - 11:00 and 15:00 - 18:00
Saturdays 08:00 - 11:00
Sundays (Emergencies Only)

Contact Us

Telephone number 044 698 1815
Fax number 044 698 1858
Email address danabaaivet@gmail.com 


082 820 4810



Small animals

There is always a veterinarian available during designated consultation hours. We work on an appointment system, allowing us to examine your animal thoroughly and providing the service and treatment required for your animal.

All vaccinations are performed by a qualified veterinarian and will always be accompanied by a complete health examination. During this consultation all necessary advice on dental care, weight management, possible looming diseases or even osteoarthritis management will be discussed. Puppy and kitten vaccinations are also performed by a qualified veterinarian and every puppy is thoroughly examined. All new owners, are given puppy and kitten welcome packs with all the information and samples they require, to ensure a safe and healthy growth while pet and owner get to know one another.

The practice is equipped with a full theatre where both minor and major surgeries ranging from soft tissue to orthopaedic procedures, can be carried out. Dental care is also provided with anything from scaling and polishing to complicated extractions. All dental cases get discharged with a dental plan, to hopefully prevent future recurrence of dental disease.

Dana Bay Veterinary Clinic is equipped with a digital imaging unit that can also be used in the field for equine diagnostic imaging of joints and bones. We also have a portable ultrasound unit with multiple probes allowing accurate imaging of all sizes of small animals and reproductive scanning of horses. 

We offer a reproductive service for small animals with semen collection, basic evaluation and artificial insemination of all dog breeds. Specialised services can be arranged as required.

We have a full in-house laboratory with a microscope, centrifuge and blood analysis machines where biochemistry and haematology can be performed.

Dana Bay Veterinary Clinic is very closely involved with Garden Route SPCA where we actively participate in the neutering and clinic services offered from Mossel Bay SPCA community clinic. We also organize and host an annual sterilization effort where animals from the impoverished areas are screened and admitted by the SPCA and neutered at no cost to the client.

There are often stray and unwanted animals that get left or donated to the practice. These animals get admitted and cared for until they can be rehomed to a suitable new parent. All animals are vaccinated and neutered before they get rehomed.

Home visits and ambulance collections are offered as requested, but please take note that tests and procedures to allow accurate diagnosis, have to be performed here at the practice.

A private grooming service is also offered by the practice from a separate grooming facility on the premises. Appointments can be made via the practice reception staff.


Dana Bay Veterinary Clinic offers equine consultations and advice for the general management and various diseases in horses (e.g. lameness, medical colic cases, respiratory infections, skin condition ...)  

We perform  pre-purchase examinations, certification and offer mobile digital imaging.

Reproductive examinations, ultrasound scanning and artificial insemination ( fresh chilled or frozen semen ) are also performed.

We firmly believe that you have to be associated with specialised equine units and would always request the assistance or referral of cases, were it deemed necessary.