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082 820 4810



Dr Henk Basson


´╗┐Dr. Henk Basson has been in practice for 39 years and has international experience. He is especially well-known in the endurance riding community and has been treating horses and doing training and endurance rides for the FEI both locally and around the world. Dr. Basson owned a practice in the Free State for 3 decades where he treated both companion and production animals.
During part of this time, he also served as the chairperson of the South African Veterinary Association and was involved in great projects e.g. the pet memorial fund and .... Being an animal lover himself, you will come to know him with his dog Jessica who loves to travel with him to farms as well as sweet little Trixie, the yorkie. Dr Basson also has a part-time farm with his son, where they breed arabian horses and farm with sheep and cattle.



Our friendly staff ready to help.


Simone, Mona, Mona Lisa - depends on the mood. She started as a stray, became a reception hand and is now just anywhere she wants to be - she thinks she owns the practice. She likes to eat and likes to be fed from everyone - so she demands food from everyone every day. We seem to be fighting the battle of the bulge. Life is as good as it gets though - she lies on the grey filing cabinet all day, looks with disdain at every passing dog, demands and collects her scratch from especially male clients and occasionally risks it onto the parking area and then only to sun herself.